Mayor Duggan, Hon. Ford, Rev. Dr. Holley, Dr. Sillah and other distinguished delegates 

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​​​​The World Conference of Mayors is celebrating its 33rd anniversary with a landmark International Trade and Investment Conference in Detroit, Michigan, USA, October 23-26, 2017. 

The Conference is a joint effort of the City of Detroit and The World Conference of Mayors.
The City of Detroit’s famous landmark MGM Grand Resorts is the venue for this year’s event. It is exiting to note that more than 250 City Mayors, Investors, Trade Specialists and smart Entrepreneurs from around the world will be active participants in this year’s Conference. Learned speakers, moderators and city administrators are poised to tackling the challenges and prospects of sustaining growth and development in 21st century cities around the world. 

The Theme of this year’s Conference is: “Sustaining Economic Growth and Development in 21st Century Cities-Detroit: The City that Never Surrendered.”
It is important to note that several major cities around the world were under serious consideration to host this extraordinary Trade and Investment Conference in October 2017. The City of Detroit was selected finally because of the exemplary leadership demonstrated by the Mayor of Detroit and his administration.

In spite of Detroit’s challenges and setbacks few years ago, Mayor Mike Duggan and his administration have stood the test of time. Together they have transformed Detroit into a City of extraordinary opportunities and possibilities. Nations’ cities are eager to learn Mayor Duggan’s skills of transformation agenda. 

​It is our honor and privilege to extend this special invitation to you to be a participant in this historic gathering of global business leaders and city administrators. You have been selected to receive this invitation because of the significant role you play as a business leader in your community in the cause of blending business and politics and its impact on nation building.

The World Conference of Mayors


Mayor Mike Duggan

Mayor of Detroit

The World Conference of ​Mayors, Inc.
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Sustaining Economic Growth and Development in 21st Century Cities-Detroit,
the City that Never Surrendered

Detroit, October 23 - 27, 2017

​MGM Grand Detroit Hotel & Conference Center




Program Attendees

$300 USD

​Press Conference

Hon. Johnny Ford

Founder, WCM

The theme of this year’s conference: Sustaining Economic Growth and Development in 21st Century Cities-Detroit, the City that Never Surrendered, is apt for a city that never gives up and is in many ways setting the pace for economic recovery and sustained growth. Detroit is well-prepared to host the World Conference of Mayors and I offer our city’s full support for a successful, rewarding conference". ............ Mayor Mike Duggan

The Venue

​MGM Grand Detroit Hotel & Conference Center